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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Help reconnect these Dogs with their Owner

If anyone has seen the 2 dogs on Dingman Rd, The owners are looking for them. The fence was off and they got out. If you see them or if you can get them in your yard the owners would appreciate it very much. You can call Betty at 274-7361 if you have caught them or seen them. The yellow lab will come to you when called the other dog is a little skid-dish. Thank you 

Hunting Giant Snakes in Florida...Win a Cash Prize

The public is joining licensed hunters in the search for invasive Burmese pythons on public lands in Florida — and competing for cash prizes. 

MIAMI — Nearly 800 people have signed up to hunt Burmese pythons on public lands in Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is holding a month-long "Python Challenge."

Officials are offering cash prizes to whoever brings in the longest python and whoever bags the most pythons.

The Burmese python is an invasive species that experts say is decimating native wildlife in the Florida Everglades. Florida currently prohibits possession or sale of the pythons for use as pets. Federal law bans importing and selling the species.

Read more of the Story at  Florida Python Challenge

Attention Dog Owners in Area!

Two Dogs Loose

There are 2 dogs running loose on Dingman run. 3-4 miles up the road from the roulette end. Just past mailbox 772 at about 10:11. They look to be hound mixes, medium sized dogs, 1 brown 1 white. They are wearing red collars with either invisible fence modules or anti bark modules.


Would you Like a FREE way to support them?!

Click on the Link below and vote for your Favorite Shelter.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lab on the Loose near Smethport

Yellow Lab Running Loose

Yellow Lab seen running loose in the area of Coryville and Champlain Hill intersection.  The dog did have a collar on.  The dog ran when I stopped the car.

Serious Injuries following Dog Attack in Portville Ny

PORTVILLE, NY - A Portville woman was seriously hurt after she was attacked by her own dog.

A neighbor told Troopers she heard someone call from a wooded area near her house.  The neighbor and the victim's son found Jacki Hopkins, 66, lying on the ground with several bite wounds to her face, upper body and legs.

Troopers say the dog escaped a fenced-in yard and Hopkins was trying to return the dog to the yard when she was attacked.

See whole story at: http://www.wgrz.com/Dog-Attack

Thursday, January 10, 2013

12 Elephants slain by poachers

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

In total, there are 12 slain elephants – a family, murdered on Saturday in Kenya’s bloodiest attack by poachers on record.

The spot is so remote – inaccessible by road vehicles – that it was only possible for us to reach them by the air. And yet, the poachers are thought to have trekked for days – maybe weeks – through the dense bushes with the intention of killing the family for their horns. It is, perhaps, an indication of the poachers’ determination, and the sophistication of their planning.

See Entire story at Family of 12 Elephants Slain

Mckean County SPCA...Donations Needed

By popular demand..Here is a list of things that can be donated to the shelter:

Adult dog food- canned & dry
Adult cat food- canned & dry
Puppy food- canned & dry
kitten food- canned & dry
Collars- all sizes
leashes-all sizes
cat litter & cat litter pans
dog shampoo
blankets & towels
cat/dog brushes & combs
Nail clippers
Pet friendly cleaners: spic & span, fabuloso, mr clean etc
bleach & laundry detergent
dish soap
dog sweaters/coats- all sizes
advantage or frontline flea & tick medicine for both cats & dogs
paper towels & toilet paper
treats & toys
food dishes for cats & dogs

Animal Care Sanctuary~ Wellsboro...Appointments for Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Community Care Clinic-West performing surgeries today in Wellsboro.
Please call 570-724-3687 for low cost spay neuter, plus general vet care.   
Coming soon--Low Cost Spay Neuter for DOGS in Wellsboro
Accepting appointments for March 2013 right now. Please call us for your pooch'es price quote.

Tanner's PAWS Animal Rescue in Corning, NY


Mission Statement: 
Protecting Animal Welfare & Safety through rescuing, sheltering, adoption, education and population management.

Tanner’s P.A.W.S., Inc. has adopted the NO-KILL model and is in the process of building an animal shelter in Corning, NY.

Tanner’s P.A.W.S., Inc. was created in 2012 with the first Board meeting on March 13, 2012. At that time, the Board of Directors was selected and officers were appointed. Tanner’s P.A.W.S. was named after Tanner, a very special 4-legged child, who we lost on March 4, 2011 from cancer.

The goals of Tanner’s P.A.W.S.:
1) To become a community based animal rescue and animal education organization
2) Population management (spaying/neutering & education)
3) To provide a safe and loving environment until placement is found
4) To provide quality medical care and nutrition
5) To provide socialization, exercise, & behavioral training
6) To make the adoption process easy, affordable, fun & rewarding

Nestle's Purina and Milo's Kitchen are recalling some of their dog treats

Nestle's Purina and Milo's Kitchen announced they are recalling some of their dog treats because they may contain a poultry antibiotic that has not been approved in the U.S.

Watch Video Report at: Dog Treats pulled from Store Shelves

Cat Shot by Arrow Miraculously Survives....Police searching for Shooter

Susquehanna Regional Police

Susquehanna Regional Police
Police in Lancaster County are looking for the person who shot a cat with a hunting arrow.

Susquehanna Regional Police said the cat, named Mack, was shot in December in the 300 block of Walnut Street in Bainbridge.
Police said it is "amazing" the cat is still alive. A vet removed the arrow and said Mack will be OK.
Katelyn Smith

Update on Jerky Treats

Update on Jerky Treats

January 9, 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA/CVM) released today a progress report on its investigation into reports of illnesses and deaths associated with jerky pet treats from China. The report includes a summary of adverse event reports received by FDA through August 2012, Establishment Inspection reports from FDA’s inspection of two chicken jerky manufacturing plants in China, and details about FDA/CVM’s ongoing investigation.

In a separate move, FDA/CVM is also working with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) on that agency’s finding of antibiotic residues in chicken jerky treats from China. Correspondingly, Del Monte, the company that makes Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treats and Chicken Grillers, and Nestle-Purina, the makers of Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats have both initiated a nationwide removal of these products from the market.

While FDA/CVM is confident that the NYSDAM results do not raise health concerns, and are highly unlikely to be related to the reports of illness FDA has received related to jerky pet treats, the agency commends Del Monte and Nestle-Purina for withdrawing these products from the market in response to this product quality issue. FDA/CVM also welcomes the new information gained by NYSDAM’s testing, which uses a new, reportedly more sensitive method than current validated and approved regulatory methods. CVM looks forward to a further exchange of information with NYSDAM about this new method.

FDA/CVM reminds pet owners that jerky pet treats are not necessary for pets to have a fully balanced diet, so eliminating them will not harm pets. Commercially produced pet food, which is very safe, contains all of the nutrients that pets need.

For more information:

FDA Report Regarding Jerky Pet Treats and Illnesses

January 9, 2013


On September 14, FDA posted information on its investigation into reports of illnesses associated with the feeding of jerky pet treats. FDA continues to receive reports of illnesses and inquiries from the public and the media. Veterinarians and scientists from FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) have assembled a report of the cases of illness and FDA’s ongoing investigation. The reports can be accessed at:

Consumer Complaints of Illness to Pets

As FDA investigates consumer complaints and other reported adverse event data from the public concerning jerky pet treats, it is important to remember that these data must be carefully interpreted. In most cases, information from these reports cannot be further confirmed or verified. This information is not data obtained from a controlled clinical trial or as part of an observational epidemiologic study, but rather are a series of reports of events believed by the reporting party to be associated with the consumption of jerky-type products.

Interpreting reports of adverse events

There are several limitations to interpreting passively reported adverse event data, and it is important to note that adverse event data consist of reports or complaints of illness or death and the subjective link with product exposure. The Center is carefully evaluating these reports to try and determine if they should be considered evidence of a causal relationship. The numbers in this report should not be used to calculate incidence rates or estimates of risk, because there is no accurate way to determine overall how many animals were exposed to a product, which is needed as the denominator in calculations of relative risk. It is also inappropriate to make use of adverse event data to compare the relative safety of different products, which may have different usage patterns and/or reporting rates.
It is possible that other food or drug exposures caused the signs and symptoms reported in these reports; thus, there is no certainty that the reported jerky treat caused the adverse event. There may be one or more concomitant diseases, conditions, medications or other foods that can better explain the clinical signs seen. Sometimes a significant amount of time elapses between the date the problem occurred and the date the problem is reported and the reporter does not remember specific details (which can include the brand name or the names of other brands fed at the same time or prior to the report), so the report may contain erroneous information. Reporting bias also may exist in passive reporting systems. For example, increased media attention to specific products may cause increased reporting for those products for some period of time, causing an apparent sudden increase in the number of reports received. CVM Updates were publicly released September 26, 2007, December 19, 2008 and November 18, 2011, and all were followed by increased reporting activity after the update was issued.
However, even with these limitations, CVM strongly believes that the reports, especially the numerous reports documenting Fanconi syndrome, warrant FDA’s continued in-depth investigation of the potential causes of the reported illnesses.

Inspection Information

In addition to the summaries of cases of illnesses reported, FDA is also posting the following information regarding two foreign inspections FDA has conducted as part of its investigation:
1. Establishment Inspection Report from Yantai Aska:
The firm is a manufacturer of a variety of chicken jerky, duck jerky, jerky wrapped vegetable and fruit products and other chew type products. An evaluation was conducted of the firm's manufacturing operations including ingredients and raw materials, equipment, the heat treating of products, packaging, quality control, sanitation and product testing. The inspection did not reveal observations with processing and packaging except that the firm falsified Certificates of Analysis (CoA) pertaining to glycerin which is a raw ingredient involved in jerky pet product manufacturing. After further investigations by FDA working in collaboration with the Chinese government’s Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), it was determined that the falsification of documents due to the mislabeling of the glycerin as “industrial grade” was because it was easier, quicker and cheaper to import glycerin into China labeled as industrial use rather than as food or pharmaceutical grade.
As a result of the inspection, AQSIQ informed FDA that it had taken enforcement actions and worked with Yantai Aska to implement corrective actions regarding record-keeping procedures. Accurate and comprehensive record keeping is critical to ensuring that pet foods are not adulterated or misbranded. The actions taken by AQSIQ reflect the critical importance of record-keeping to maintaining a safe food supply for pets and humans. Maintenance of accurate and comprehensive records provides documentation of a firm's efforts to assure the safety of its products. We have been advised that the firm has made the corrective actions required by AQSIQ and is again eligible to export product to the United States.

2. The Establishment Inspection Report from Acidchem International Sdm. Bhd.
The company is a supplier of glycerin and FDA routinely looks at ingredient suppliers during an investigation.
The inspection was a follow up to the Yantai Aska inspection to verify that the firm was using food grade glycerin instead of industrial grade glycerin (as it was labeled) in the production of pet jerky treats. The firm was in full production manufacturing glycerin during the inspection. The condition of the equipment and the storage conditions were observed. Certificates of Analysis (CoA) were reviewed for lots of glycerin that had been identified as being from Acidchem International during the inspection of the jerky pet treat manufacturer in China who had acknowledged falsifying records. All CoAs reviewed at Acidchem International were found to meet minimum USP standards for glycerin. Officials at Acidchem International said some customers in China specified that the shipping marks on the metal drums state "for industrial use only" even though the label states the glycerin is 99.5% minimum. The firm does not manufacture a lower "industrial" grade glycerin. No observations were noted during this inspection.

Ongoing work

As this information illustrates FDA is continuing to actively pursue this investigation from a number of different angles including compliance activity and ongoing laboratory and epidemiologic testing and analysis.
FDA continues to devote significant resources to actively investigating the problem and its origin both on its own and in collaboration with outside parties including our international counterparts and federal, state and university laboratories. Based on the results of the testing performed to date, it remains unclear which specific ingredients or finished products may be responsible for causing illnesses in pets. In addition, FDA veterinarians are consulting with other epidemiologists and experts in the veterinary community to engage them in helping look for associated illnesses.
Specifically, FDA is taking the following steps:
  • Working with veterinary groups to get the message out to both veterinarians and pet owners about the reports of illness with the consumption of jerky pet treats.
  • Continuing to test jerky treats for a number of toxins and ingredients that may cause illness.
  • Following up on consumer complaints and where possible testing the treats potentially associated with the reported illness.
  • Contacting and working with companies who manufacture jerky pet treats to ensure that they are using appropriate safeguards.
  • Continuing our collaborative work with AQSIQ.

Dog Sighted On Deering Run Road


Potter County Youth Show Swine at Farm Show

Potter County Youth Show Swine at Farm Show
Pennsylvania is proud to host the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the country, with nearly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits and 300 commercial exhibits. Five youths represented Potter County with their Junior Market Swine projects at the 2013, 97th Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.
Sylvia Rutkowski, nine year old daughter of Michelle Rutkowski and Hank Hood and a member of Silver Bits 4-H Horse and Pony Club, placed 5th with her hog weighing 252 lbs. in the Crossbred Division 10 Class. With that placing Sylvia earned a place in the PA Farm Show Junior Live Stock Sale. Sylvia was also awarded a prestigious, Master Showman Award.
Noell Nichols, a member of Headwaters FFA and daughter of Greg and Lori Andruchowsky and the late Ronnie Nichols of Ulysses placed 6th with her market hog weighing 260 lbs. in Crossbred Division 12 and secured a place in the PA Farm Show Junior Livestock Sale.  
Harlie Wenrich, a member of Headwaters FFA and daughter of Renee Crippen and granddaughter of Ruth Crippen of Ulysses placed 7th with her 260 lb. market hog in Crossbred Division 12.
Bryan Supplee, a member of Sudgrowers FFA and son of Eugene and Sue Supplee of Coudersport placed 11th with his 262 lb. market hog in Crossbred Division 14.
Heather Supplee, a member of Spudgrowers FFA and daughter of Eugene and Sue Supplee of Coudersport placed 12th with her 240 lb. market hog in Crossbred Division 4.

PHOTOS: Sylvia Rutkowski   (3)
                  Noell Nichols         (2)
                  Harlie Wenrich       (3)
Bryan Supplee (2)
Heather Supplee (2)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help return this Dog to his Owners

I was wondering if you would post this pic.  

We had lost 2 of our dogs and only one returned Cooper has been missing since 10:00 am on Jan 7th. 

He is an Australian Shepard and very friendly. My phone number is 260-9454.

PA State Police Mounties At Farm Show

The PA State Police Tactical Mounted Unit performs Sunday at the 2013 PA Farm Show. The unit performs crowd control, patrol, search and security duties across the state, in deployments ranging from two to 20 horses.

Do you know Where I Came From?!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mother finds python wrapped around her 2-year-old daughter

Mother finds python wrapped around her 2-year-old daughter

Tess Guthrie of Lismore, Australia, woke to find her 2-year old daughter, Zara, wrapped up in a python. When Guthrie was woken by her hissing cat she saw the nightmare scene, the enormous snake wound three times around her daughter's arm.

Read more of this story at Mother finds snake around daughter in crib

Stray Dogs kill 4, Some are Doubting it was Dogs at all

Officials say stray dogs killed 4 in a park near Mexico City 

After examining the victims, experts say at least 10 dogs were involved in each attack, but others think the injuries were not caused by dogs.

 MEXICO CITY — Stray dogs mauled and killed four people whose bodies were found over the past two weeks in a park on the edge of Mexico City, authorities said Monday. In one case, a teenage girl frantically called her sister with her cellphone to plead for help as the attack took place.

Reap entire story at Dog Attacks

Potter County had a great showing at the 2013 PA Farm Show

2013 PA Farm Show 4-H Placings
Potter County had a great showing at the 2013 PA Farm Show with 81 4-H entries in the family living section with 48 of those items placing. 

Fourteen members from four 4-H clubs submitted entries.  Submitting were from Beyond the Horizons 4-H club- Lauren Fair, Rebekah Fair, Sarah Fair, Alison Wright, Isaac Wright, and Stephanie Fry; from Shinglehouse Sew Cooks- Shayla Wilhelm, Laura Wilhelm, and Sarah Fuller; Crazy Critters- Hannah Greene and Heather Greene, and Cow Patty Kickers- Jacob Anderson, Ashley Anderson and Marcus Murphy.

Placings were as follows:

Best of Show- Lauren Fair-4-H Opportunities- Animal Project
Best of Show- Rebekah Fair-4-H Crafts

First Place
Alison Wright- - Global Gourmet Dessert
Shayla Wilhelm- - Pillow
Hannah Greene- - Knit Sweatshirt
Hannah Greene- Crochet Afghan
Hannah Greene- Crochet Handcraft
Rebekah Fair- Hand knitted Handcraft
Lauren Fair- Entomology- 4th year
Hannah Greene- Woodworking rolling pin
Isaac Wright- Wildlife Summer
Isaac Wright- Wildlife Winter
Lauren Fair- Computer Altered Photograph
Rebekah Fair- Painting
Lauren Fair- Drawing
Lauren Fair- Graphic Design
Rebekah Fair- Color Scenic Photo
Rebekah Fair- Hand constructed potholders

Second Place
Marcus Murphy- 4-H Sport Fishing
Laura Wilhelm- Pillow
Laura Wilhelm- Wall hanging
Heather Greene- Print Skirt
Rebekah Fair- Crochet- small item
Hannah Greene- Crewel handcraft
Rebekah Fair- Crochet handcraft
Rebekah Fair- Scrapbook
Heather Greene- Learning About Horses
Rebekah Fair- Small Animal Poster
Sarah Fair- Painting
Sarah Fair- Sculpture
Rebekah Fair- Sculpture
Rebekah Fair- Color Critter Photo
Rebekah Fair- Bookmark Contest, 9-14
Lauren Fair- Bookmark Contest, 15 and over

Third Place
Rebekah Fair- Crochet children’s garment
Shayla Wilhelm- Wall hanging
Heather Greene- Crochet
Heather Greene- Knitting
Alison Wright- Crochet
Lauren Fair- Cloth toy
Alison Wright- Crochet handcraft
Lauren Fair- Stuffed cloth toy
Heather Greene- Scrapbook
Lauren Fair- Painting
Rebekah Fair- Pin cushion

Fourth Place
Lauren Fair- Black & White Wild Animal Photo

Fifth Place
Stephanie Fry- Color Still Life Photo
Sarah Fair- Jazzy Jar Contest

Boxer Running In Keating Summit Area

A person has reported to us that there is a young boxer dog that is brown with a black face in the area of the Starlite Inn or Bomb Shelter in Keating Summit. They were not able to catch it.  It is reported to be very thin. If It's yours, send a comment with info to contact you.

Are you missing a dog in Port Allegany?

Found a dog last night around 11:30 in Port Allegany. He looks like a lab mix. He's very friendly He's not neutered. Just give me a call if you know anybody that is missing him 814-558-4959

Please Read!!

A little Game of Turkey?!

Photo by Nancy Thomas, Little Marsh, Tioga County, PA

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Buddy

This is Buddy. House broken, very lovable and needs companionship all the time. He suffers from separation anxiety really bad. He loves to play fetch, run and play. Male mixed blue heeler and pitt bull. Call 486-0101 CCSPCA if interested.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Now That's a Problem!

Volunteers toughen up bobcat kitten that's too nice

 PLACERVILLE, Calif. — A Northern California animal rescue group is trying to help an orphaned bobcat kitten with a problem: She's too nice.

 The friendly baby bobcat was only a few weeks old and had burned paws and infected eyes when fire crews found her in August while battling a 75,000-acre fire in the Plumas National Forest. They named her Chips, after the wildfire.

Volunteers at the Sierra Wildlife Rescue in Placerville now are trying to toughen the kitten up, with plans to release her back into the wild next spring, The Sacramento Bee reports.

More on this story at: Chips...too nice!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hardy is very Sad...

Hardy is a 2 yr old male Bulldog looking for a home with no other dogs. He is sweet and has much love to give!!!! He was adopted but, didn't do well with the other dog in the home. Now he is very sad that he doesn't have a family to love on him. Hardy would be a wonderful lifetime pal....Let's find his FOREVER home!

A Big Shout Out!

We would like to Thank the Kane Area Elementary School Students,Teachers,and Faculty For all the generous donations. We are extremely appreciative and so are all the animals! =)

Great News for Pet owners in Hornell, NY area!

Hornell Humane Society to open surgery suite on January 2!

It has been a long time coming; a surgical suite located at the Hornell Area Humane Society in order to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem in Steuben, Allegany and Livingston Counties. The low cost/high volume spay neuter program will help low income families who can’t afford basic veterinary care for their dogs and cats. The low cost spay and neuter clinic will provide low cost, high quality spay and neuter surgeries and vaccines for domestic and feral cats and dogs. The mission is to reduce the unwanted pet overpopulation in the three counties and promote animal health and safety to the community.
The number of unwanted cats and dogs entering shelters each year is staggering. The Humane Society of the United States estimates 6-8 million animals enter shelters in the United States and 3-4 million of those dogs and cats are euthanized by shelters because there are not enough homes for them all. The Hornell Area Humane Society is a “rational no-kill shelter” which means they only euthanize animals too sick or injured or too aggressive to have any quality of life.” This means they must try extra hard to find good homes for the animals in their care and to work to reduce the overpopulation of pets in the local area.
There is a need for basic vet care (spay/neuter and vaccinations) for a segment of our population who must make decisions based on if they can put food on their tables for their children or have their pet spayed/neutered. Many good pet owners in our community need this service. It will not impact our local veterinarians because this group typically does not take their animals to the local veterinarian they will utilize free rabies clinics and wellness clinics. They want to do the right things with their animals they just can’t afford to.
By implementing the sterilization program, it will help the Hornell Humane Society to get a handle on the pet overpopulation and will aid them in helping to clean up some of Hornell’s feral cat population by establishing Trap/neuter/release programs across the community.
The guidelines for the service are below:
Applicants must meet the income guidelines or show proof that they are eligible individuals and families for services such as Medicaid, Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps, HEAP, and Child/Adult services.
Dr. Christy Siedel a faculty member at Alfred State College will be conducting most of the surgeries under the direction of Dr. Melvin Chambliss, Shelter Veterinarian and leader of the Veterinary Technology program at Alfred State College.
The shelter will be conducting surgeries on the following dates in January; January 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 17 and 25. The clinic will be open year round for low cost spay and neuters.
The clinic was built completely by volunteers. Larry Bacon, Andy Smilinich and Jeff Reynolds gave up nights and weekends to build the clinic inside the garage of the shelter. The ASPCA provided $25,000 of funding and local supporters also provided a large portion of funding. For more information regarding the clinic check out the website at www.hornellanimalshelter.org or call the shelter and speak with Laura Stutzman, LVT and Clinic Director at 324-1270. If people would like to make a donation specifically for vet care of the animals at the shelter; they can make it on line at www.hornellanimalshelter.org

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lost and Alone!

Hey all, if anyone in the Kersey area sees or finds a Blue Tick hound dog, please call 885-8394, 335-8257 or 512-4783. Her name is Dixie, she slipped her collar and ran off. We just adopted her from the Humane Society on Saturday. She was headed towards Lovers Lane. She is black with gray and white spots and patches. 

Thanks, Gahr family

Are you missing this little guy in Mansfield?

Here is a Chihuahua mix found on the 23rd, in Mansfield, on Moore Road. If you have any information on this little guy, please contact ACS at 570-724-3687.

Another Yellow Lab wondering in Port Allegany

Stray dog hanging out in my yard: 

Yellow male lab. Appears young. Wearing wide leather collar, no tags. N, Main St of Port Allegany. Please come pick him up, will be calling SPCA this am due to weather. Call 642 7608 or 558 6840.

Yellow Lab found in Port Allegany

We found a yellow lab at our house on Ransome St. in Port Allegany this morning.  We actually saw him running down Main Street last night and he showed up at our house this morning.  It is a male dog and he looks like he could be a puppy.  He is skinny and was very hungry.  We are keeping him in our house right now out of the cold but would like to find his owners.  I was hoping an ad could be placed letting someone know that he was found.  I can be reached at 642-7596 if you have any information or if someone contacts you to inquire about this dog.  Thank you very much, I appreciate any help you can give.  God bless.
Valerie Archer

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Colo!

World’s oldest gorilla turns 56

Photo: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium // Colo the gorilla turns 56 on Dec. 22.

 The first gorilla to be born at a zoo, Colo is the oldest known gorilla in the world. That record was last held by Jenny at the Dallas Zoo, who died at age 55 in 2008. 

Read whole story at World’s oldest gorilla turns 56

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looking to Pamper your Pooch?


Home Desperately Needed

I was contacted tonight about a sweet mixed breed female dog that needs a new home ASAP. The caller had found her about a week ago and has not had any success of finding the owner. Unfortunately Teacher's Pet Rescue is full and the person is not able to keep her any longer. She is black with a white patch on chest and white paws. They think she is some kind of Lab mix. Good with kids and loves to be cuddled and loved on. Please someone, open your heart and home to this girl and give her the best Christmas present ever...Love and a Forever Home. Please contact 814-203-6817 for more info. Thank you.

A.C.S. Wish List

 Below are some suggestions if you are looking to donate items to Animal Care Sanctuary. Thank you!

For everyone
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Bleach
  • Dish soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Postage stamps
  • Office supplies (pens, Post-its, manila file folders, Sharpies, large paper clips, etc.)
  • Wal-mart or Lowe’s gift cards (to purchase necessary items)
  • Gas cards (for transporting animals and driving to and from adoption events)
  • Towels and blankets
  • Fax machine 
  • Air conditioned cargo van

For dogs
  • Flat buckle dog collars – all sizes
  • Leashes (nylon or leather) – all lengths, including long training leashes
  • Dog toys – tugs, balls
  • Nylabones
  • Buster Cubes and other types of food-dispensing toys
  • Raw marrow bones
  • Pig ears (for behavior assessments)
  • Training treats (including Red Barn or other varieties of MADE IN THE USA rolled food)
  • Agility tunnel
  • Dog crates and Vari-kennels (all sizes)
  • Commercial washer and dryer
  • Second-hand furniture – sofas, stuffed chairs
  • Pressure washer
  • Second-hand, standard-sized refrigerator
  • Plastic, stackable chairs in good condition

For cats
  • Small laundry baskets, plastic crates, plastic lawn chairs (resting places in communals)
  • Long zip lines
  • Hanging scratching pads
  • All meat baby food or Whiskas foil pouches for sick cats

For recovering/sick/neonatal animals
  • Corn bags, hot water bottles, and other types of warmers
  • Cat and dog treats (only Made in the USA, please)

    Christmas is the perfect time to donate to those less fortunate! Be a hero to one of these pets!

    First Meeting of 2013

    Our first meeting of 2013 will be
    Wednesday, January 16th , 6:30 pm at the Coudersport Ambulance Hall.

    We’ll be talking about plans for an Open House and a Pet First Aid class.

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Blue- Green Algae might have caused a Dog's Death

    The scum is called a blue-green algae bloom, which has been confirmed on many of the states inland lakes this summer. It not only looks unattractive, but it emits a rather unpleasant odor.
    Oddly enough these blooms are not even an algae - it is a bacteria that can potentially result in a much bigger problem. It produces harmful toxins, resulting in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, even breathing difficulties. This past week, a dog died after swimming in a lake at Allegany State Park.
    Read full story at: http://www.wivb.com

    Greater Concern in Hantavirus Outbreak!

    Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

    female- 8 mos old
    male- 6 weeks old
    Please contact Mikki at mikkiparrish@yahoo.com or 814-203-8713 if you can give one of these precious babies a home.

    Rabies Clinic in Shinglehouse

    A Rabies Clinic will be held Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at the Shinglehouse Park in Shinglehouse, PA. The clinic will be from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. All dogs, cats, and ferrets that are at least 12 weeks old can be vaccinated against the rabies virus. The first time a dog or cat receives a vaccine, it is good for one year. Each time after that, the vaccination is good for three years. Ferrets should be vaccinated annually. All animals must be on a leash or in a container. Cost is $5.00 per animal. The clinic is sponsored by Dr. Ronnie Schenkein of the Coudersport Animal Health Center.

    ACS** Pet of the Week

    Monday, September 3, 2012

    Sweet Kittens....Need a home

    This is Baby Siamese (M, 4 weeks, intact). He is still nursing, but he will be ready to go in about two weeks. He is well socialized and will be a snuggly guy. Can go with mother (Ginger). 
    This is Ginger (F, 1 yr old, intact, Siamese). She is currently nursing two babies but will be ready to go in about two weeks. Ginger loves people but isn't sure about other animals.  Can go with baby (Baby Siamese).  If you are interested, please call me at 412-477-2860 or email me at jaimibonczar@yahoo.com!

    Friday, August 31, 2012

    I love this video!!!

    Bear Cubs Rescued From Dumpster
    Shirley and Tom Schenk of Ruidso, N.M., took action after discovering three bear cubs trapped in a Dumpster near their home. Armed with a ladder and a pickup truck, they helped the cubs escape.

    Iowa police dog dies....So Sad!

    Officials in Iowa are investigating the cause of death of a police dog that was left in a patrol car on a hot Wednesday afternoon.
    By Vignesh Ramachandran
    The Labrador retriever, named Harley, was a 7-year veteran of the Des Moines Police Department, NBC station WHO reported.
    Officials were unsure whether the car's air conditioning was on, if any windows were rolled down or how long the yellow lab was in the car, The Des Moines Register reported.

    Continue article here: Iowa Police dog dies after being left in patrol car

    A Jumper returned home

    Lost dog! 
    Named Sophie jumped out car window today ( Friday )around 1:30 pm. 

    My #614-226-3067 and my dad 814-598-0514

    She's 22 lbs lost between Smethport pa and Port Allegany pa. From route 6 coming from Smethport, turn on right on Baker Road ( top of first hill). All dirt roads. Please share with anyone in Port Allegany and Smethport

    Hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite

    CDC: 10,000 at risk of hantavirus in Yosemite outbreak
    Ben Margot / AP
    By NBC News services

    At least five hantavirus infections have been linked to the tent cabins in Yosemite's Curry Village.  About 10,000 people who stayed in tent cabins at Yosemite National Park over the summer may be at risk for hantavirus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday in a health advisory. 
    Continue reading story at: Yosemite Outbreak....are you at Risk?